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This blend takes a Salish lodge fan favorite - the Congolese “Reconnect” and Trader Joe’s fan favorite - The Mexico Chiapas “Summer Camp” to make a full-bodied, clean finishing with “just enough kick”, espresso blend. The Congolese is naturally processed which means it stays in the fruit of the coffee cherry. for this mountain-grown coffee, it equates to subtle hints of deep red wine with a clean finish. The Mexico Chiapas punches heavy with cacao and fades away with spice notes on the palette. Roasted with PNW woods including Doug fir, western red cedar, and alder.

About Campfire Coffee Co.

America's only open flame "Campfire style" coffee roaster, honoring the age-old tradition of roasting over a wood flame. Black, Veteran, and Woman-Owned, Campfire Coffee.

They roast fair trade coffee over a campfire with Pacific Northwest native woods. Yes, you heard that right! The way people did it for hundreds, maybe thousands of years before industrial roasters became a thing. This lost fire roasting art is challenging to get down, but the taste is so worth it. Just imagine a cozy coffee roast sitting around the fire pit, sharing laughs and memories. That's Campfire Coffee.

SALISH LODGE & SPA Exclusive Coffee Selection

Best Quality

The quality and care Campfire Coffee Co. puts into its coffee is evident in every sip.

Exceptional Taste

There is a wide selection of flavors and notes, so every set of taste buds can find something to enjoy.

Fair Trade
Taste and savor the most ethically imported single-origin green beans directly sourced following direct-trade standards and eco-friendly farming.

Wood Fire-Roasted

Escape from the "every day" and sip and sonder a cup from the best wood fire-roasted coffee in the Northwest.